Cherry Blossom Sighting!


Cherry Blossom sighting here in Victoria! Woot! That means spring is around the corner, and streets will be lined with blooms bursting forth with pink beauty! It means on a gusty day there will be cherry blossom snow. It means Sarina will be sneezing, but Oh so happy because she LOVES cherry blossoms!
Here is a little cherry blossom wedding inspiration for you spring brides. Enjoy!

Get Fresh !

Window  Dressing

I love lime and shades thereof for a wedding colour palette. So fresh, bright and alive! These shades look absolutely stunning when paired with white. Perfect for a "green" wedding.
Now check out the details of this inspiration board.....the shrug, simply ooh la la.....I swear by shrugs. LOVE them. See the bridesmaid's dress in the middle with the plunging neckline.....I want it.....nothing says a floral designer can't be stylish too ;)
Here is an idea for brides currently planning your wedding; when thinking of your bridesmaid's attire they do not all have to be in the same dress, but can be in various shades of the same colour or variations of the same dress. This can be really visually pleasing in your photographs, but also allows your bridesmaids to have a dress that fits their body, and style while still fitting your theme .
I can't wait for spring but in the meantime we can "Get Fresh!"

Sneak Peek: Floral Details July 25,2009

From the moment I met my bride Diana I knew the girl had style! I call Diana's style simple, modern, elegance. This style suits premium flowers and single flower bouquets. This is her phaelenopsis orchid bouquet.

Her Groom's boutonniere.
Their two beautiful daughters were the flower girls. They carried these freesia bouquets.Diana's Mom's favorite flower.Diana's Mom is in Romania and was unable to attend the wedding.

The bridesmaids carried different flower bouquets. The flowers alternated white and lavender.
The groomsmen boutonnieres matched the bridesmaids they were partnered with.
An over the arm bouquet created visual interest.No matchy, matchy here!

The maid of honour carried this beautiful orchid bouquet .

These roses were so beautiful.

The altar flowers were placed on stands at the ceremony and then brought to the reception.
These were placed on the mantle in two different sizes.
The candles were lit once it got dark casting a magical glow.
Everything was simple and elegant.

Diana was smart to have a little girl table at the reception with sticker books and crayons.
The cake I decorated with three types of orchids.
Congratulations Diana and Victor! You are a beautiful couple and have a beautiful family! I can't wait to see the photos from your wedding! I know Diana totally rocked her dress. It had a thigh high slit. Ooh La La!!

Sneak Peek Floral Details:July 11,2009

My bride and groom got married this Saturday in a lovely garden wedding. The weather was beautiful and sunny. I can hardly wait for the professional photos as I am sure they will be stunning. So check back in a month or so when I post the real wedding.
A close up of the Bridal bouquet. The Bride is an absolute sweetheart. She is so lovely and petite that I have a hard time not hugging her to pieces every time I see her...poor thing....getting squished up by her floral designer wasn't exactly written in the contract!
When I created her bouquet I didn't want to create something so large that it would overwhelm her natural beauty. This bouquet was just the right size for her.
A close up shot of the Bridesmaids bouquet.
I took some of the flowers used in the Bride's bouquet for her girls. I am a firm believer that the Bride should have the most beautiful bouquet regardless of her budget.

That goes for the Groom's boutonniere as well.
The Groomsmen wore these.
The Fathers and Grandfathers had a lovely, simple but elegant rose boutonniere .
Pearl and orchid wristlets for the Moms.

Grandmothers and other honored female guests had an orchid corsage.

The reception venue and centerpieces. Once again, I do not have a great shot of these due to the lighting in the venue and am hoping the professional photographers got some good shots of them for me. The centerpieces looked lovely and were made from hydrangea, curly willow and orchid florets. The centerpieces also had submersible lights that illuminated the centerpieces up from the inside and I am sure looked fabulously magical once it got dark. I loved these centerpieces and wish I had gotten a good shot of them. Sigh. They were elegant, modern and slightly whimsical. The servers who were setting up the tables were "Oohing and Awing"over them which always makes a floral designer happy. It is always nice to get positive feedback :)
My dear bride is also a wedding photographer and will be photographing a wedding of mine in two weeks so I hope she is enjoying a lovely honeymoon with her groom. All the best to Kim and Darren and HUGS all around!

Floral Fashionista Fridays: Sarah Seven

Floral Fashionista Fridays presents the work of a young, talented, independent designer from Portland,Oregon. Her name is Sarah Seven. I think her designs are fabulous. She designs and sews all the dresses herself in her studio. Sarah takes custom orders which take about four weeks to produce.You can learn about all the details in her shop.
Each dress seems to tell a story. When I look at the dresses, I envision a certain style of wedding. This is so inspiring to me as a custom floral designer because it helps me to create a design that befits the bride and her dress. With so many wedding dresses being variations of the same basic style it is so refreshing to see something unique.
If I could have one wish for bridal styles to evolve. I would wish for coloured bridal dresses and shorter hems.....O.K. two wishes! I'm always kind of surprised when these young, hip brides come to see me and they describe their wedding dresses. I guess it surprises me that tradition still plays such a major part in wedding styles for the bride. I truly feel that a bride can hold true to wedding ideals and traditions but still wear a coloured and unique dress. Maybe, it's just daughter has said she is going to wear bright red on her wedding day! I can't wait! Well, actually I can!
I love the whimsy of this one for a bridesmaid dress. Yellow is a hot spring trend right now. I also just love the moodiness of the photograph. Kudos to the photographer.
O.K. I love, love this dress. Secret Agent Girl! I wish I had the legs to pull it off....sigh. But how cool would this dress be to put on after the reception? Jump on your new husbands motorbike and take off into the night. Again, way cool photograph. I must ask Sarah who the photographer is....
Too cute!
I love simple elegance. It is so great to accessorize with flowers.
I actually think this dress would be great to wear to a summer wedding.
Remember my wish regarding colour? The first bride who contacts me for a wedding consultation who is not wearing white, off white, diamond white,cream,taupe or any derivative of these colours will get 20 % off their bridal bouquet! Mention this blog I remember.
Sarah donates 10% of her profits to charities. Book her while you can.... because the girl is in demand!

Spring Weddings 2009

Here are a few floral details I did for a recent wedding in March. I love the fresh, romantic colours of chartreuse and pink.This wedding was all about orchids! I can't wait to see the real photos when the couple gets back from their honeymoon. Enjoy!
I have a feeling this bouquet is going to be one of my favourites this season. It is so romantic and feminine.
The Bride's Maids carried these bouquets in cream and chartreuse.
The Fathers and Grandfathers wore these simple and elegant boutonnieres . The Groom lost his Grandfather the day before the wedding. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family.
The Flower Girls were very young so I suggested they carry their special teddies down the aisle.Not before we dressed them up!

I just fell in love with the creamy texture and pink throat of these orchids. My studio was full of the heavenly scent of orchids.What florist could ask for anything more ! Stay tuned for our Mother's Day Giveaway Contest posted this week. See older posts.