Cherry Blossom Sighting!


Cherry Blossom sighting here in Victoria! Woot! That means spring is around the corner, and streets will be lined with blooms bursting forth with pink beauty! It means on a gusty day there will be cherry blossom snow. It means Sarina will be sneezing, but Oh so happy because she LOVES cherry blossoms!
Here is a little cherry blossom wedding inspiration for you spring brides. Enjoy!

A Cherry Blossom Fairytale

I love cherry blossoms and in a cruel twist of fate I am allergic to their pollen...sigh. They also tend to be pink( one of my least favorite colors), but strangely, I love them still.
Maybe I love them because if I did, I could wear a princess dress like this...
or diamond earrings like this.

After the ceremony I would have my picture taken here under a canopy of blooms and a carpet of petals. The blossoms would gently flutter down like snow. I would make sure I wore my glass slippers. I wouldn't sneeze once, not once.
At the reception I would cut this cake for my guests....except I wouldn't want to....but I would, because hey,even I can let them have cake.
I would lounge on a white divan surrounded by massed cherry blossom branches in crystal illuminated vases sipping this martini (all princesses love martinis by the way). I wouldn't sneeze once, not once.
I would have my maids over for a sleep over a few days before the wedding; where we would make these lovely meringues for wedding favors. We would tie them in sweet little clear bags with pink and white satin ribbon.We would be allowed to eat only two but I would have three because I am the princess. We could have as many martinis as we like ( because maids love martinis too). I am a generous princess. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot we would all have to wear those open toed slippers with a heel and feathers like movie stars from the 50's wore and pink satin aprons that say "Cupcakes" on the front. I found them online somewhere ( because even princesses shop online and presidents wives too I'm told).
After the reception my prince and I would escape in this pink Cadillac. I fired my coach driver because he really was a mouse..... Oh yeah, and I wouldn't sneeze once, not once!