A Beautiful Family :Tony and Nikki in Spring

Well, I'm finally getting around to blogging some of my weddings. I finally, have some time to sit down and blog! Blogger is doing something strange and not letting me see what the pictures are as I blog so I am blogging at the end of the pictures as opposed to my usual comments after each picture.
Tony and Nikki were married in May. I remember when they first came for their consultation and thinking to myself what a gorgeous family! Nikki was pregnant and I love pregnant brides. They always look like Goddesses and Nikki is certainly no exception! Also, their little daughter was so adorable and interested in everything I had in the studio. I had her draped in ribbons and playing with little birds. ADORABLE.
The flowers were bright and bold. I also made Nikki a custom hair flower for her hair that you can see in the picture where she is kissing her little daughter. I love that picture! All the professional photos were taken by Mary Jane Howland Photography and I thank her for sharing some of the images of their special day with me the rest are taken by yours truly.
Congratulations Nikki and Tony and your beautiful family!!

Cherry Blossom Sighting!


Cherry Blossom sighting here in Victoria! Woot! That means spring is around the corner, and streets will be lined with blooms bursting forth with pink beauty! It means on a gusty day there will be cherry blossom snow. It means Sarina will be sneezing, but Oh so happy because she LOVES cherry blossoms!
Here is a little cherry blossom wedding inspiration for you spring brides. Enjoy!

The Colour of Your Eyes

Antique Lace

I'm still longing for Spring. This is a sweet colour palette for a spring or summer affair. I love the muted tones with the pop of lime. I love how you could use this colour theme in an elegant affair; but look how lovely it is rustic. Perfect for an outdoor or backyard wedding. I love how the blue could be the colour of someone's eyes....

Sing Spring!

Love Notes

I am sooo ready for spring. Need sunshine like a flower needs the rain and well, we've been having lots of rain... Good news though the sun is shining today, there are buds on the magnolia trees and the studio is full of tulips and daffodils. Woot!
Here is a delightful palette to groove your way into spring. Sing it loud!