Spring Blossom

What did I do?

Came the spring with all it's splendor,
All it's birds and all it's blossoms,
All it's flowers and leaves and grasses...
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~

Every one who knows me well, I mean knows me really well, knows I love poetry. They have known me to swoon over a well constructed sentence, a clever turn of a phrase, a metaphor that shines like the sun. They have known me to speak in rhyme for no reason and answer an email in prose. They say, it may be my affliction....like a weakness for musicians, or having to smell every rose I pass.
It is my firm belief that spring is the Earth's way of writing poetry. With every crocus, tulip and daffodil that pokes up from the wet earth, she says, "Look! Behold what beauty! Do you see?" With every cherry blossom that unfurls it's pink petals she whispers,
" Blossom. Go ahead. You can."
Every one who knows me well, I mean knows me really well knows I love spring. They say, it may be my affliction.....like a love for flowers and honey off the spoon.
Happy Spring! Blossom.Go ahead. You can.
~ Sarina xo~

Sing Spring!

Love Notes

I am sooo ready for spring. Need sunshine like a flower needs the rain and well, we've been having lots of rain... Good news though the sun is shining today, there are buds on the magnolia trees and the studio is full of tulips and daffodils. Woot!
Here is a delightful palette to groove your way into spring. Sing it loud!

Twenty Ten is Gonna Rock Yo!

Happy 2010

I have a feeling in my bones, that 2010 is going to ROCK! Last year was one of my toughest emotionally, spiritually and physically. I survived! I am a survivor! I refined, I purged, I created. I found the perfect house and studio and bought it in the ninth hour. I ended an unhealthy relationship. I did this while working, working, working.... I am proud of myself and all that I achieved. I feel like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon for the very first time.
2010 feels good so far, really good. I think it's gonna rock!