Floral Fashionista Friday Presents: Tissage Jewelry Inspiration

I love jewelry without a doubt. I love renaissance people without out a doubt. Those people who are so creative they can't contain themselves to one art form; they have to dabble in many creative pursuits because if they did not they would risk implosion! So, when I came across Tory over at Tissage...
I recognized a kindred spirit. I loved her jewelry instantly; a little bit bohemian , a little bit vintage a whole lot of glam chic!
I've put these earrings on my birthday wish list. Hello! They are purple!
I thought they would be so beautiful for the bride.
Also, so perfect for bridesmaids gifts.

I love this bracelet!
Are you bold?
Or dainty?

Not only does Tory make jewelry she makes hats too! So perfect for the vintage bride.
Perhaps, with these earrings...
...or this necklace.
I love the style of these earrings so perfect for a beach wedding.
Ooh la la! I just love Tissage! So perfect for brides, bridesmaids, weddings and just about anything. Affordable too.
Tissage is based out of Seattle. Tory loves custom work so don't be afraid to contact her with your request. Check out her shop there are so many beautiful pieces there. I personally can't wait for my birthday and those purple earrings!

Floral Fashionista Fridays Presents:Threadhead Creations

Threadhead Creations is a custom wedding dress designer based out of Knoxville; but don't let that discourage you my Canadian Brides.Threadhead ships worldwide and is so affordable, even with the prices listed in U.S. currency! Trust me, check out her shop you will be pleasantly surprised.
The reason I chose to feature these stunning dresses besides being so incredibly artful and unique is that they are created with organic fabrics. I love the idea of wearing something so beautiful on your wedding day, that was created by hand with obvious love, using sustainable fabrics .It just makes sense to me. Look at that dress! Have you ever seen a dress so unique that you actually would want to wear? This dress reminds me of my post "Cherry Blossom Fairytale". I love how the two trees reach for each other and the branches crisscross. Two lives become one....sigh...I am a hopeless romantic.
Look at all the colors of sashes you can have to match your color scheme.

The landscape panel is handcrafted and appliqued using many lovely colors of hemp/silk charmeuse. Over forty blossoms accent the intertwined tree limbs.
Hemp and silk combine in this fabric to give a lovely sheen and wonderful drape. This hemp is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers and blended with wild peace silk (cocoons are harvested only after the moths have emerged). 60% hemp, 40% silk. Fully lined in 100% silk. This dress is fabulous for a spring wedding.
I love the simplicity of this one and think it could easily fit into a retro-styled wedding.
This one is completely West coast.Perfect for a Vancouver Island wedding! The couple on the path are completely customizable as are the colors and sashes. It is artful.So artful.
Here is your classic, elegant dress with lace up detailing. I know you brides love that! This dress just looks like it would be flattering on any figure.

This is my favorite. I LOVE IT! I love the empire waist. The drape of the chapel train and how it pools on the floor.The tie back sash that I seriously want to create a romantic rose piece for and it's completely understated elegance! LOVE. I can visualize a whole wedding for this dress. My dream would be for a bride to bring me this dress and say, "This is my dress. Go to town. Money is no object." First, I would say," Are you related to Oprah? " Then, I would say, "Preston Bailey
move on over!"
A girl can dream can't she!!
Thank-you to Threadhead Creations for giving me my inspiration for this Friday.

Floral Fashionista Friday Presents: Econica

This week on Floral Fashionista Fridays we present Econica a designer out of Ottawa.We are very happy to feature this Canadian Designer because she designs using primarily organic fabrics that include organic bamboo,cotton,hemp,soy and silk. The dresses are very suitable for weddings and the eco minded bride.
This dress would work very well for a bride having a natural garden style wedding. Casual yet elegant.This would be so comfortable to wear and could be worn again and again.

All the dresses are made to order so each bridesmaid would have a dress that fits them properly.
The colours of the dress are customizable.

Blossom Sundress has a vintage feel and is made with Japanese cotton poplin,organic bamboo and silk jersey.
Perfect to wear to a wedding or elegant affair.
This Evening gown is made with bamboo jersey and would be fabulous to wear to an elegant function. Perhaps cruise ship honeymoon!
Love the back detailing.
I just love this one for some reason.It looks cozy.Perfect for cuddling up in on your autumn honeymoon. I love supporting a Canadian designer who is environmentally conscious.Econica has fabulous casual wear too. Check them out!

Floral Fashionista Fridays Presents: Holly Stalder

Holly Stalder is an independent designer from Portland, Oregon.I think her work is fabulous and she is just a hop, skip and jump across the pond from us here in Victoria! Holly uses salvaged antique fabrics and trims in her designs to create modern pieces of wearable art. You can check out her shop here. She takes custom orders.Hurray!
The Opera Society tiered,corded dress with vintage pearl collar made to order.Just Love. I am hoping one of my brides comes to me saying this is her dress because I have a fabulous idea for a floral piece for this dress that I am just longing to create.
O.K. How sexy is this dress? Ivory silk,chiffon and lace backless dress. I love backless dresses. I think the back is underrated as a very sexy part of the human body male or female.
I LOVE this caplet by Holly Stalder! Little Red Riding Hood goes Baroque or something....really just love it. I think it would be fabulous used in a Boudoir photography session for a brave bride. Little lacy, red bra and panty set, high heels, this caplet and basket of flowers and goodies for Grandma! Can you visualize? The Big Bad Wolf would probably just love it!!
I am really into yellow wedding details these days. Although, I actually detest yellow for myself and do not own a single yellow piece of clothing or accessory. I love it in spring weddings so bright , cheery and joyful.
A little reclaimed velvet ribbon here, a little Edwardian lace there, salvaged antique applique from a 1920's dress and Voila! Pure Holly Stalder fabulousness here!

Floral Fashionista Fridays: Sarah Seven

Floral Fashionista Fridays presents the work of a young, talented, independent designer from Portland,Oregon. Her name is Sarah Seven. I think her designs are fabulous. She designs and sews all the dresses herself in her studio. Sarah takes custom orders which take about four weeks to produce.You can learn about all the details in her shop.
Each dress seems to tell a story. When I look at the dresses, I envision a certain style of wedding. This is so inspiring to me as a custom floral designer because it helps me to create a design that befits the bride and her dress. With so many wedding dresses being variations of the same basic style it is so refreshing to see something unique.
If I could have one wish for bridal styles to evolve. I would wish for coloured bridal dresses and shorter hems.....O.K. two wishes! I'm always kind of surprised when these young, hip brides come to see me and they describe their wedding dresses. I guess it surprises me that tradition still plays such a major part in wedding styles for the bride. I truly feel that a bride can hold true to wedding ideals and traditions but still wear a coloured and unique dress. Maybe, it's just me.....my daughter has said she is going to wear bright red on her wedding day! I can't wait! Well, actually I can!
I love the whimsy of this one for a bridesmaid dress. Yellow is a hot spring trend right now. I also just love the moodiness of the photograph. Kudos to the photographer.
O.K. I love, love this dress. Secret Agent Girl! I wish I had the legs to pull it off....sigh. But how cool would this dress be to put on after the reception? Jump on your new husbands motorbike and take off into the night. Again, way cool photograph. I must ask Sarah who the photographer is....
Too cute!
I love simple elegance. It is so great to accessorize with flowers.
I actually think this dress would be great to wear to a summer wedding.
Remember my wish regarding colour? The first bride who contacts me for a wedding consultation who is not wearing white, off white, diamond white,cream,taupe or any derivative of these colours will get 20 % off their bridal bouquet! Mention this blog post...so I remember.
Sarah donates 10% of her profits to charities. Book her while you can.... because the girl is in demand!

Floral Fashionista Fridays Presents: It's a Wrap! Part 2

You don't have to be a model to wear something that looks like it's fresh off the runway! This organza ruffle caplet handmade by Christine from modernromancepdx based out Portland is just the ticket to all the glamour needed on your wedding day!
Garden roses wrap is perfect for a breezy garden wedding.
This is my absolute favourite! This silk shoulder wrap perfect for almost any style of wedding dress; so affordable, and great for the bride with an individual sense of style. I love shrugs and caplets and am so happy to see they are making a comeback.Thanks to designers like Christine at modernromancepdx you can look like a million bucks without having to spend it!

Floral Fashionista Fridays Presents: It's a Wrap! Part 1

This week on Floral Fashionista Fridays we are featuring the work of Elena fromTickled Pink Knits. She is a fabulous artisan based out of New York and we think her "Victoriana Scarflette" is divine!
It is still cold here in Victoria, B.C. and our poor spring bride's are suffering with the cold and rain. What better way to stay warm than to wrap your decolletage in this fabulous scarflette made form luxurious knit wool and bamboo!

It comes in 20 custom colours!

The Rococo Shawl comes in 18 custom colours and would be great for the bride or her bridesmaids.Don't they look snuggly and warm?
Chocolate brown a perennial favourite.
Bold tangerine.We love it!
Elena at Tickled Pink Knits favourite materials to work with are merino wool,alpaca wool,cotton and cashmere. We think these would make wonderful bridesmaids gifts to tie in with the colour of their dresses and your wedding decor. They also add a wonderful textural element to wedding photographs.
Last but not least, we wanted to share with you part of Elena's creative philosophy because it is so similar to our own and is part of why we love her so!

"Do what you love and be confident that you will find an appreciative audience. Be original, be bold. Work hard. Stay positive. Provide unwaveringly excellent service to your current and potential customers. Support the work of others."

Drop in next Friday when we present Part 2 of It's a Wrap! Please view our earlier posts and enter our MOTHER'S DAY GIVE AWAY CONTEST 2009 featured here on our blog.
It's a Wrap!

Floral Fashionista Fridays

So, I have decided to designate my Fridays to all that is beautiful and artful within the fashion world. I am a firm believer in supporting the world's artists. What is the world without art!
That said, this week I am featuring the beautiful work of Red Ruby Rose
Based out of Bristol, U.K. Rowena creates beautiful clutches lined with dupioni silk. Designed with different colours and fabrics. I am particularly in love with the floral motif clutches.....must have!
These would make lovely bridal accessories or bride's maids gifts. So reasonably priced even with shipping from the U.K. Hope you love them too! Check out the post before to see more of her clutches and make sure to check out her shop! Also, stay tuned for a Mother's Day Give Away Contest that we will be featuring in our blog this week.You could win the peony clutch featured above for your mom or yourself! Oh yeah!