Know your Worth!

La Mariée Parisienne ( The Parisian Bride)

My mother bought a bottle of perfume in Paris. It was called Worth. It came in a tiny blue glass bottle with a gold stopper; she kept it in a drawer wrapped in a beautiful lace hankie. On special occasions she would take it out and dab some on her pulse points. I am sure that whenever she wore it she felt her "Worth" and was instantly transported to Paris.
Even Parisian perfume can help tranform you into a Parisian Goddess on your wedding day; bring Paris to you by using art, style, and fashion and always know your "Worth" !

Get Fresh !

Window  Dressing

I love lime and shades thereof for a wedding colour palette. So fresh, bright and alive! These shades look absolutely stunning when paired with white. Perfect for a "green" wedding.
Now check out the details of this inspiration board.....the shrug, simply ooh la la.....I swear by shrugs. LOVE them. See the bridesmaid's dress in the middle with the plunging neckline.....I want it.....nothing says a floral designer can't be stylish too ;)
Here is an idea for brides currently planning your wedding; when thinking of your bridesmaid's attire they do not all have to be in the same dress, but can be in various shades of the same colour or variations of the same dress. This can be really visually pleasing in your photographs, but also allows your bridesmaids to have a dress that fits their body, and style while still fitting your theme .
I can't wait for spring but in the meantime we can "Get Fresh!"

Icy Winter Chic Inspiration Board

Shiny and Bright
I found this inspiration board over at Style Me Pretty. I think it's fab for a winter wedding. I love the pale icy blues with the white and touches of silver. When you think of winter, you don't necessarily think of butterflies, but I think butterflies are a powerful symbol of metamorphosis. When better to remember them when everything is dormant! I love this inspiration board ....tres chic no?