Real Wedding: Kilts and Thistle

A modern Celtic wedding complete with thistle and men in Kilts.

The lovely bride as photographed by Orange Frog Studios.

Heading to the reception.
The bride's bouquet.

I love this photograph of the flower girl with the circlet I made her.

The bridesmaids bouquets made in a silver wire collar.

Wristlets made with an orchid,spray roses and more.
One happy Father after the ceremony!

Sneak Peek Floral Details:July 11,2009

My bride and groom got married this Saturday in a lovely garden wedding. The weather was beautiful and sunny. I can hardly wait for the professional photos as I am sure they will be stunning. So check back in a month or so when I post the real wedding.
A close up of the Bridal bouquet. The Bride is an absolute sweetheart. She is so lovely and petite that I have a hard time not hugging her to pieces every time I see her...poor thing....getting squished up by her floral designer wasn't exactly written in the contract!
When I created her bouquet I didn't want to create something so large that it would overwhelm her natural beauty. This bouquet was just the right size for her.
A close up shot of the Bridesmaids bouquet.
I took some of the flowers used in the Bride's bouquet for her girls. I am a firm believer that the Bride should have the most beautiful bouquet regardless of her budget.

That goes for the Groom's boutonniere as well.
The Groomsmen wore these.
The Fathers and Grandfathers had a lovely, simple but elegant rose boutonniere .
Pearl and orchid wristlets for the Moms.

Grandmothers and other honored female guests had an orchid corsage.

The reception venue and centerpieces. Once again, I do not have a great shot of these due to the lighting in the venue and am hoping the professional photographers got some good shots of them for me. The centerpieces looked lovely and were made from hydrangea, curly willow and orchid florets. The centerpieces also had submersible lights that illuminated the centerpieces up from the inside and I am sure looked fabulously magical once it got dark. I loved these centerpieces and wish I had gotten a good shot of them. Sigh. They were elegant, modern and slightly whimsical. The servers who were setting up the tables were "Oohing and Awing"over them which always makes a floral designer happy. It is always nice to get positive feedback :)
My dear bride is also a wedding photographer and will be photographing a wedding of mine in two weeks so I hope she is enjoying a lovely honeymoon with her groom. All the best to Kim and Darren and HUGS all around!

Sneak Peek: Villa Marco Pollo Floral Details

I have found a new wedding venue to love. It is called the Villa Marco Polo Inn. It is a lovely five star bed and breakfast with beautiful Italianate gardens and interior decor full of Persian and antique styling; from the moment I first saw it I was in love. It felt like home. This venue is perfect for an intimate garden wedding.I discovered this venue thanks to my lovely bride and groom who held their wedding there this Saturday. This is just a sneak peek of some of the floral details while we wait for the professional photos.
I made this turquoise bead curtain to delineate the entrance to the gardens for the guests as they arrived. I did not want to spend too much of the bride's budget on the entrance but still wanted to have something elegant and tasteful. I think this fit the bill!
I attached these lovely chartreuse orchids just to add another pop of color.
And tied back the curtain with turquoise satin ribbon. The bride's colors as you can guess were chartreuse, white, turquoise and touches of silver.
The bride's bouquet full of roses, berries and two different kinds of orchids.

A close up shot of the flowers.
The bride wanted a floppy satin bow and a bit of bling on the wrap.
One of the boutonnieres. I made four different kinds.
The corsages.
The venue had this sweet little tree that I couldn't let go naked; so I dressed it up with turquoise and chartreuse satin ribbon. I also made these custom crystals to tie onto the ribbon and to catch a bit of light. I think the tree was happy to be dressed for the occasion!
The centerpieces were made in tall fluted glass vases that had submerged orchids and chartreuse wire.
Spilling forth from the top were white orchids and hydrangea. So elegant.
This one with it's mate were waiting for the banquet table to get dressed.
A close up of the wire detailing.

The sweetheart table had this lovely centerpiece.
Three types of orchids were used in this wedding.
Some more crystals attached to the ceremony gazebo.
The gazebo looked so pretty all dressed up.
The altar piece was placed on a nice white Italianate pillar.It was made in a tall silver fluted vase.
Here is the total effect. My pictures do not do it justice. Click on the pictures to enlarge the images.

The garden has this beautiful fountain in the middle and I was chomping at the bit to do a fantastic floral feature in it, but one thing a florist has to do, is stay in budget! Sigh. Maybe next time.

The lovely grounds.
Thanks to my son for taking all the garden and building shots for me while Mom worked he photographed. My daughter is the one who actually helped me by passing me flowers, scissors and ribbon when I needed it. We worked like a fine tuned machine. I'm a lucky Mom.
My son had a fascination with all the garden statues. Could it be because they were women in various states of undress, or because they were simply beautiful?
I wish I could be a lady lounging around in this garden; the problem is, I am not very ladylike, but I could pretend!
Best wishes to my latest newlyweds Stacey and Chris! I can't wait too see the photos !

Memorial Weekend Wedding Floral Details: Sneak Peek

I had the honor of creating the floral designs for Susan and Lauren's wedding this weekend. A nicer couple I have not met. It was an intimate affair; which are always the loveliest of weddings.The couple came all the way from Alaska to have their wedding here in our fair city and I must say the weather did not disappoint!
The bride, I would say is a true classic, romantic and requested flowers with a romantic,garden style theme. She also requested no daisies or carnations and said in her initial email to me and I quote, "I am a complete flower freak and there must not be any daisies or carnations in this wedding!" It was a pretty easy request to comply with! She also requested some heather and thistle as Lauren was wearing a kilt. Susan also loves sweet peas which were tricky to get as it is still a bit early in the season for them....but we managed to snag some at the auction...yeah!
Here is her utterly feminine and romantic.
What do you give a woman wearing a kilt probably more comfortable in jeans and t-shirt? Who does not want a bouquet? Not a corsage, not a boutonniere but a new name for a floral piece that has a little bit of both elements ! Floral designers are allowed to make up's true!
The corsages.
The boutonnieres .
The wristlet.
The altar pieces.
The flowers waiting patiently for the bridal party to arrive at the church.
The fabulous stained glass window at the church. The First Unitarian Church has the most beautiful vibe of any church I have ever been in. Such a lovely venue.
The centerpieces in the studio.
Centerpieces in the venue.
A tented affair. Setting up.
A close up of the head table piece.

The head table piece.
Susan phoned me tonight, the day after her wedding just to tell me how much they loved the flowers and how the floral pieces totally exceeded their expectations.This was so nice of her and completely unexpected as she really should be honeymooning . This just made my evening! I love flower freaks! Any more of you out there?
We wait with bated breath to see the professional photos once they are finished being processed.
All the best to Susan and Lauren for a life rich with love and happiness!