Memorial Weekend Wedding Floral Details: Sneak Peek

I had the honor of creating the floral designs for Susan and Lauren's wedding this weekend. A nicer couple I have not met. It was an intimate affair; which are always the loveliest of weddings.The couple came all the way from Alaska to have their wedding here in our fair city and I must say the weather did not disappoint!
The bride, I would say is a true classic, romantic and requested flowers with a romantic,garden style theme. She also requested no daisies or carnations and said in her initial email to me and I quote, "I am a complete flower freak and there must not be any daisies or carnations in this wedding!" It was a pretty easy request to comply with! She also requested some heather and thistle as Lauren was wearing a kilt. Susan also loves sweet peas which were tricky to get as it is still a bit early in the season for them....but we managed to snag some at the auction...yeah!
Here is her utterly feminine and romantic.
What do you give a woman wearing a kilt probably more comfortable in jeans and t-shirt? Who does not want a bouquet? Not a corsage, not a boutonniere but a new name for a floral piece that has a little bit of both elements ! Floral designers are allowed to make up's true!
The corsages.
The boutonnieres .
The wristlet.
The altar pieces.
The flowers waiting patiently for the bridal party to arrive at the church.
The fabulous stained glass window at the church. The First Unitarian Church has the most beautiful vibe of any church I have ever been in. Such a lovely venue.
The centerpieces in the studio.
Centerpieces in the venue.
A tented affair. Setting up.
A close up of the head table piece.

The head table piece.
Susan phoned me tonight, the day after her wedding just to tell me how much they loved the flowers and how the floral pieces totally exceeded their expectations.This was so nice of her and completely unexpected as she really should be honeymooning . This just made my evening! I love flower freaks! Any more of you out there?
We wait with bated breath to see the professional photos once they are finished being processed.
All the best to Susan and Lauren for a life rich with love and happiness!