Floral Fashionista Fridays: Sarah Seven

Floral Fashionista Fridays presents the work of a young, talented, independent designer from Portland,Oregon. Her name is Sarah Seven. I think her designs are fabulous. She designs and sews all the dresses herself in her studio. Sarah takes custom orders which take about four weeks to produce.You can learn about all the details in her shop.
Each dress seems to tell a story. When I look at the dresses, I envision a certain style of wedding. This is so inspiring to me as a custom floral designer because it helps me to create a design that befits the bride and her dress. With so many wedding dresses being variations of the same basic style it is so refreshing to see something unique.
If I could have one wish for bridal styles to evolve. I would wish for coloured bridal dresses and shorter hems.....O.K. two wishes! I'm always kind of surprised when these young, hip brides come to see me and they describe their wedding dresses. I guess it surprises me that tradition still plays such a major part in wedding styles for the bride. I truly feel that a bride can hold true to wedding ideals and traditions but still wear a coloured and unique dress. Maybe, it's just me.....my daughter has said she is going to wear bright red on her wedding day! I can't wait! Well, actually I can!
I love the whimsy of this one for a bridesmaid dress. Yellow is a hot spring trend right now. I also just love the moodiness of the photograph. Kudos to the photographer.
O.K. I love, love this dress. Secret Agent Girl! I wish I had the legs to pull it off....sigh. But how cool would this dress be to put on after the reception? Jump on your new husbands motorbike and take off into the night. Again, way cool photograph. I must ask Sarah who the photographer is....
Too cute!
I love simple elegance. It is so great to accessorize with flowers.
I actually think this dress would be great to wear to a summer wedding.
Remember my wish regarding colour? The first bride who contacts me for a wedding consultation who is not wearing white, off white, diamond white,cream,taupe or any derivative of these colours will get 20 % off their bridal bouquet! Mention this blog post...so I remember.
Sarah donates 10% of her profits to charities. Book her while you can.... because the girl is in demand!