Tune Tuesday: Twilight Moment

So you know I love music right? Someone twittered about her last night and I just had to have a listen.Curiosity killed the cat and all that. I thought it was an incredibly beautiful song and so perfect for a wedding. I try to find unique music to feature because I've always liked things that were out of the ordinary. My Mom can attest to this :)
When I found out that this girl is only eighteen and from Edmonton, Alberta. I was like, "Wow! This girl is talented and Canadian to boot!" My second thought was I should hook her up with my son but he probably wouldn't appreciate the meddling in his love life!
Check out her myspace page. Samantha is amazing and I think, going to be huge one day. I would play this song just about anywhere in a wedding.Isn't it so pretty?

Tune Tuesday: Show You Love

I love music! All kinds of music. I think music can make or break an event. Ever been to a wedding where no one is dancing? Soon after the dancing stops, people start leaving.No fun. Movies without a soundtrack have absolutely no dynamics.In fact movie makers spend a lot on getting the music just right. Bryan Adams anyone? Music helps make movies and music helps make weddings; regardless if you choose to have dancing at your wedding or not. Music sets the mood and helps invoke the spirit you want present at your wedding. We all don't have to play Pachelbel's Canon at our wedding. I love this song from Jars of Clay. It is a contemporary Christian song. The nice thing about Christian music is the words are most always uplifting and they are usually always good musicians and singers. I think this song is perfect for the recessional after you are married. So lovely and celebratory. Isn't it pretty?

Tune Tuesday: You and Me

I'm loving Dave Mathews these days. He has a great voice. Not to mention, I've always had a weakness for boys with guitars. Actually, any instrument really but that's a different story!
I love this song for the recessional. After you are married and you are walking back up the aisle. It is so celebratory! Don't you just love it? What music are you planning to use in your wedding? Share it with us via email. We'd love to hear it!

Music Love: I'm Yours!

I love this song by Jason Mraz. I think it's perfect for the guests to hear before the ceremony; while they are seated and patiently waiting for the ceremony to start. The song is so uplifting and joyous. It seems to create instant unity and good will.....all the things you want present at your wedding celebration! I think this song is perfect for a casual summer or beach wedding. I love it and have been listening to it over and over. My son got me hooked on it and now I must go check out the whole album It's called, "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things ". The title alone makes me smile. Simple things make me happy. Fresh order of flowers, new satin ribbon to wrap them in and a new song to sing in the studio. YAY! LIFE IS GOOD!