Tune Tuesday: Show You Love

I love music! All kinds of music. I think music can make or break an event. Ever been to a wedding where no one is dancing? Soon after the dancing stops, people start leaving.No fun. Movies without a soundtrack have absolutely no dynamics.In fact movie makers spend a lot on getting the music just right. Bryan Adams anyone? Music helps make movies and music helps make weddings; regardless if you choose to have dancing at your wedding or not. Music sets the mood and helps invoke the spirit you want present at your wedding. We all don't have to play Pachelbel's Canon at our wedding. I love this song from Jars of Clay. It is a contemporary Christian song. The nice thing about Christian music is the words are most always uplifting and they are usually always good musicians and singers. I think this song is perfect for the recessional after you are married. So lovely and celebratory. Isn't it pretty?