Lolipop Pie! It's True!

I know someone (to remain nameless) who grew up on the plains of Saskatchewan . He grew up eating pie every day. His Grandmother would make ten pies every morning to feed the farm hands! This person can eat a whole pie in one sitting....if you let him! This person married someone who for the life of her can not make a decent pie crust to save her life! She does make good crisps however.
When the excellent crisp maker saw these pie lolipops on Luxirare's Blog. She thought fantastic, I can make these! I can cheat and buy premade pie dough and impress said pie loving man with my ingenuity . It may stop him eating a whole pie in one sitting as he can just pop one of these in his mouth and trick his mind into believing it was huge.
Then the excellent crisp maker had another idea. These would make fabulous wedding favors for a chic country wedding! " Oh, yes," she thought,"Tres Original!" because everything sounds better in French and Italian.
The bride could premake her favorite fillings and store them in cute jars with lables....or cheat and buy premade pie fillings. Although, the excellent crisp maker would NEVER condone cheating.
Just gather up your favorite pie ingredients.

Blackberries. Yum!

Cut out your pie dough with cookie cutters.

Place a teaspoon of your favorite pie filling.
Add lolipop stick
Press the edges down fancy like. "Tres Bella!" combining two foreign languages together makes one sound even more cosmopolitan! The trick apparently for a really nice flaky crust is lots, LOTS of egg wash.

Pumkin pie lolipop!
Blackberry! Personal favorite.
Apple for the purist.
So cutely wrapped and sealed. I would just add ribbon and a personalized tag for a wedding favor. Your guests could choose the pie flavour they prefer. They freeze and refrigerate well so can be made in advance of your wedding. Luxirare carries them around in her purse when she wants a little something sweet!
Excellent crisp maker LOVES them and is making them for her kids lunches in the fall but shhh may cheat! So excellent for a wedding favor idea. Don't you think?