Tune Tuesday: You and Me

I'm loving Dave Mathews these days. He has a great voice. Not to mention, I've always had a weakness for boys with guitars. Actually, any instrument really but that's a different story!
I love this song for the recessional. After you are married and you are walking back up the aisle. It is so celebratory! Don't you just love it? What music are you planning to use in your wedding? Share it with us via email. We'd love to hear it!

Music Love: Natural Woman

I still love this song. Please don't hold it against me. I used to sing it at the top of my lungs when I was about five or six. If you can imagine. I totally have this vision for a wedding where as the groom waits for his bride, the bridesmaids break into Natural Woman as the bride walks down the aisle! Corny, I know. I can't help myself. Do you believe I lie awake at night and think of such things? Maybe, someone will buy my idea and make a movie with Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore with this scene in it....or maybe Kate Hudson.Matthew McConaughey could play the groom as long as he has a scene where he doesn't wear a shirt because seriously, that man without a shirt is a work of art! Really, Mathew McConaughey without a shirt inspires me to make all kinds of wonderful floral designs and sing, You make me feeeel like a natural womaaaan at the top of my lungs....