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Weddings we LOVE them!
Planning a wedding in Victoria, B.C.? We LOVE weddings and specialize in weddings of all styles! Consultations are complimentary and by appointment only.This enables us to give you our undivided attention to discuss all the details of your special day.
Some florists prefer to design in only one style. Not us! We love all styles and are able to execute beautiful designs from rustic to glam and all that falls between. We love working with you to make your vision a reality.
Whether you have planned a romantic garden wedding, or
a high styled dramatic evening,
from a rustic, vineyard
to feminine romance.....
We will work with you to incorporate any style your heart desires!
We have an excellent reputation but don't take our word for it! Read what our clients say about us here or here.

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We create beautiful one of a kind bouquets, for beautiful, one of a kind brides! That's what we do and we love it! So, let's start planning your wedding in Victoria!

Introducing: Bella Bling Hair and Bouquet Jewelry

Introducing Bella Bling our newest line of custom made hair accessories and bouquet jewelry. After years of making these for brides I finally had an "Aha Moment !". My daughter and I were watching our favourite reality ballroom dance program. You know the one, where the girls wear those incredibly beautiful costumes and tend to show a lot of skin? While we were watching we noticed that girl after girl .... all were wearing these incredibly fabulous hair flowers. I mentioned to my daughter how fabulous their hair flowers were. My daughter said, "Yeah, Mom they are nice but not as nice as some of yours. You should sell yours." That's where the "Aha Moment" happened and the rest is history!
These are my absolute favourite because they are so dainty and feminine. They look incredibly beautiful in a bridal up do; they add sparkle and whimsy to just about any hair style.
Custom made hair flowers with netting add a bit of vintage glam to a hairstyle. These can be custom made to match your colour scheme; so don't be afraid to contact us to make something special for you.
These are made attached to alligator clips for easy use.
Ooh La La! This one is called "Swan Lake" and looks fabulous in a bridal up do!
Diamante Bouquet Picks can be custom made in any colour and look great in bridal bouquets and luxe flower arrangements.
Bella Bling Hair and Bouquet Jewelry can be custom made for any occasion in any colour you desire. We can also ship these internationally so do not be afraid to contact us. We would be pleased to make something custom for you. Bella Bling, Bling it On!!

Floral Fashionista Fridays

So, I have decided to designate my Fridays to all that is beautiful and artful within the fashion world. I am a firm believer in supporting the world's artists. What is the world without art!
That said, this week I am featuring the beautiful work of Red Ruby Rose
Based out of Bristol, U.K. Rowena creates beautiful clutches lined with dupioni silk. Designed with different colours and fabrics. I am particularly in love with the floral motif clutches.....must have!
These would make lovely bridal accessories or bride's maids gifts. So reasonably priced even with shipping from the U.K. Hope you love them too! Check out the post before to see more of her clutches and make sure to check out her shop! Also, stay tuned for a Mother's Day Give Away Contest that we will be featuring in our blog this week.You could win the peony clutch featured above for your mom or yourself! Oh yeah!

The Art of Choosing Your Wedding Florist

Every now and then I receive an email or telephone call where a bride asks, "How much do you charge for one dozen red roses?"
I suppose this is one way for the bride to determine how expensive, or not a certain florist may be but it in no way takes into consideration the "art"of creating floral designs for a wedding.Usually, the bride does not only want a dozen red roses. She wants a dozen red roses with red berries,white feathers and crystal picks with folded leaves and a white satin wrap with a crystal buckle! Do you understand what I am getting at? Simply pricing one dozen red roses does not give an accurate representation of the cost.
Planning the flowers for a wedding involves: a complimentary consultation with the bride in person or through a series of emails,follow up consultations, many emails and phone calls, creating the floral designs, keeping track of all the bride's changes and requests, pricing the designs, preliminary quotes,secondary quotes and sometimes more, creating a contract, liaison with other wedding vendors working on the special day so that everything flows smoothly, compiling the types of flowers used and how many, ordering the flowers, conditioning the flowers, creating many individual works of art, delivering these works of art to a beautiful bridal party and wedding venues in a timely fashion! Please imagine the hours and hours of time involved in this creative process.So, simply pricing a dozen red roses does not "embrace the art."

These in my opinion are the best ways to choose your wedding florist:

  • TRUST: Do you trust that the florist understands your vision? Do you trust that the florist can create and implement your vision? Does your florist listen to you? Give you ideas to work with and off? Do you like the florist? Can you see yourself able to work and communicate with the florist easily? Is the florist organized? Does the florist's reputation speak for itself?

  • ART: Is the florist creative? Can the florist design in many different styles? Have you viewed the florist's actual portfolio? Do you like the florist's work? Do you feel confident that the florist can design in your style? Does the florist's art speak for itself?

  • Budget: Last but not least budget. Be honest about your budget with your florist. Have a floral budget set before seeing your florist and a bottom line. For example: "I do not want to spend more than $2000.00 including taxes and deliveries."This gives the florist an accurate budget to work with and advise you on. Be realistic. If your budget is $500.00 and you have ten people in your bridal party, desire 20 centerpieces and your favourite flowers are orchids you may have to adjust your vision to accommodate your budget.Be flexible with your floral choices and open to suggestions.A good florist can work to any budget within perimeters. That being said, some good florists have budget minimums because they only accept one wedding on any given date . Read Testimonials ....Happy Brides speak for themselves!
So, as you can see choosing a good florist takes some consideration. I encourage all brides to "embrace the art" of their special day!