Introducing: Bella Bling Hair and Bouquet Jewelry

Introducing Bella Bling our newest line of custom made hair accessories and bouquet jewelry. After years of making these for brides I finally had an "Aha Moment !". My daughter and I were watching our favourite reality ballroom dance program. You know the one, where the girls wear those incredibly beautiful costumes and tend to show a lot of skin? While we were watching we noticed that girl after girl .... all were wearing these incredibly fabulous hair flowers. I mentioned to my daughter how fabulous their hair flowers were. My daughter said, "Yeah, Mom they are nice but not as nice as some of yours. You should sell yours." That's where the "Aha Moment" happened and the rest is history!
These are my absolute favourite because they are so dainty and feminine. They look incredibly beautiful in a bridal up do; they add sparkle and whimsy to just about any hair style.
Custom made hair flowers with netting add a bit of vintage glam to a hairstyle. These can be custom made to match your colour scheme; so don't be afraid to contact us to make something special for you.
These are made attached to alligator clips for easy use.
Ooh La La! This one is called "Swan Lake" and looks fabulous in a bridal up do!
Diamante Bouquet Picks can be custom made in any colour and look great in bridal bouquets and luxe flower arrangements.
Bella Bling Hair and Bouquet Jewelry can be custom made for any occasion in any colour you desire. We can also ship these internationally so do not be afraid to contact us. We would be pleased to make something custom for you. Bella Bling, Bling it On!!