Photography Love: The Garden's Muse

I love photography. Let me rephrase that...I love good photography. I tend to like photography that is evocative, that tells a story, where the personality of the subjects are portrayed and that are details driven. I find much inspiration from photography that I can translate into my floral designs. I actually design bridal flowers with the awareness of how they will look photographed for the bride. Which is usually something that brides and other florists do not think about, but is so important to the photographic memories of the bride. So many times I feel heartbroken for the bride when I see the photographs from her wedding. A photographer whom she has paid well to document her day has taken absolutely no detail shots of her bouquet,her shoes, of her centerpieces, of her dress! I know how much thought she has put into all these details not to mention money. A bride recently just said to me, "It's all about the shoes!" She had just purchased a hot pink satin pair for which she had been searching and searching. Now imagine if she receives wedding photography and those shoes are not documented! Needless to say, professional photos shot in bad light drive me crazy and will propel me into a diatribe which no one pays much attention to, and so is probably not very good for my health! Let me also say by detail shots, I do not mean placing the bouquet on the grass and photographing it ! I want to inspire photographers to be creative, to think outside the box, to think about their subjects personalities, style and vibe, and to capture the evocative emotions of the day.
Jeremy Harwell and Kyle Egan two photographers based out of Atlanta took this bridal fashion shoot and I think the shots are lovely and have some ideas that bridal photographers could employ. I originally spotted their images over on Style Me Pretty's fabulous blog.
The use of accessories and props. Do not be afraid to stage your bride. By all means document the important events in the wedding but do not be afraid to take the bridal party away and stage them like you were doing a fashion shoot. Find fabulous locations near the venue, bring props that relate to the bridal party. The groomsmen are all in a band together? Get them to string on their guitars and bass.Pull out the drumsticks! They'll love it and have fun while you are shooting. Allowing the photos to express their true personalities. Take the time to get to know your subjects so you can portray them well.
The use of light and texture.The light shining on the models hair makes her look like a pouty angel. The texture of the tree in black and white adds visual interest. Texture is incredibly important in black and white photographs and I design bouquets with this in mind.
The fabulous hairstyles were done by Caprice Green and make-up by Lay' Na Anderson.The bridal fashion is from Etain and Morgan from Bridal Naturals. Whom you may remember from my earth week floral fashionista post.
I love this shot of the bride baring her knees and standing slightly pigeon toed.It has an element of girlish rebellion which just calls to me! Aren't the hair flowers gorgeous! Have you seen our hair flowers. We can custom make whatever you desire. Have you noticed how the hair flowers change from different images? By simply changing an accessory like a hair flower(easy to do without messing up the brides hair too much if the flowers are made onto alligator clips); the look of the photograph can be changed from romantic to vintage.
Love the vintage feel of this shot. By getting your bride to change the colour of her lipstick(really, really simple) you can get a vintage feel in black and white. Don't be afraid to ask you bride to bring different lipstick or hair pieces to the after wedding shoot. If you mention this in the initial consults and explain why; she may be really into it. What bride doesn't want to look fabulous in her bridal photos!
I love the use of pink tulle in these shots. Different from the bridal veil.It adds romance, mystery and high fashion to the shot instantly! I believe every good photographer should have a "tickle trunk" like Mr. Dressup (remember him from when you were a child? ). The "tickle trunk"is the only reason I watched Mr. Dressup as a child.What costumes would they pull out to wear and what skit would they stage! Because I have a background in theater and dance, I absolutely LOVE the use of props in photography; it makes photography so much more interesting to view. If you are a photographer get some good staging items for your bridal shoots from umbrellas to fake's all in good fun and makes the bridal party comfortable instead of stiff and formal in every shot.

Thank-you Jeremy Harwell and Kyle Egan two photographers from Atlanta for allowing me to blog about your work. I do so appreciate it.
If you are a local photographer and have some photography pertaining to weddings that you think I may love. Don't be afraid to contact me.I don't bite...well only sometimes! Here at Bella Fiore we appreciate all that is beautiful and artistic and are more than willing to spread the love!
If you are a photographer I hope you have been inspired. If you are a bride do not be afraid to make specific requests for photography shots to your photographer.....that's why they get the big bucks!