Floral Fashionista Fridays Presents: Holly Stalder

Holly Stalder is an independent designer from Portland, Oregon.I think her work is fabulous and she is just a hop, skip and jump across the pond from us here in Victoria! Holly uses salvaged antique fabrics and trims in her designs to create modern pieces of wearable art. You can check out her shop here. She takes custom orders.Hurray!
The Opera Society tiered,corded dress with vintage pearl collar made to order.Just Love. I am hoping one of my brides comes to me saying this is her dress because I have a fabulous idea for a floral piece for this dress that I am just longing to create.
O.K. How sexy is this dress? Ivory silk,chiffon and lace backless dress. I love backless dresses. I think the back is underrated as a very sexy part of the human body male or female.
I LOVE this caplet by Holly Stalder! Little Red Riding Hood goes Baroque or something....really just love it. I think it would be fabulous used in a Boudoir photography session for a brave bride. Little lacy, red bra and panty set, high heels, this caplet and basket of flowers and goodies for Grandma! Can you visualize? The Big Bad Wolf would probably just love it!!
I am really into yellow wedding details these days. Although, I actually detest yellow for myself and do not own a single yellow piece of clothing or accessory. I love it in spring weddings so bright , cheery and joyful.
A little reclaimed velvet ribbon here, a little Edwardian lace there, salvaged antique applique from a 1920's dress and Voila! Pure Holly Stalder fabulousness here!