Bride Love Makes My Day!

I am so happy when a Bride takes the time to let me know how much they appreciated my work on their wedding. I know brides get busy with honeymoons, settling into their new lives and writing thank-you cards after the wedding so when one takes the time to send me a special email or thank-you card I am overjoyed! I put a lot of love, heart and thought into each and every piece I create, so to hear back so soon from a recent wedding....well, I am simply OVERJOYED! I wish Susan and Lauren all the joy and happiness in the world.Thank-you so much for your letter it means the world to me.
Here is the letter of bride love from Susan and Lauren, Married May 23, 2009.

Dear Sarina ,

We are home and finally settling in after our wonderful wedding in Victoria. Thank you SO much for the beautiful wedding flowers you prepared. I know I speak for both of us when I say we were stunned with the beauty, artistry and magic you preformed. The flowers were such an important part of the wedding for me, and one that I was in charge of. My expectations are very high, but you exceeded my vision and gave us such beautiful and rich bouquets and arrangements. You were fabulous to work with, Sarina, and we are so appreciative of your artistry. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The flowers I was able to bring home are drying in the garage. I smile each and every time I walk in there.

Thank you 10,000 times for the work you did Sarina. You are the best!

XXOO Always! Susan and Lauren