Meet the Brockintons=Inspiration

I stumbled upon this video on YouTube and it just brings me such joy that I thought I'd share it with you all. I love it as an introduction to their photography business. It gives you a sense of who they are....wouldn't you just want to hire them as your photographers for your wedding? I also think Ashley has an incredible fashion sense. I love every single outfit she wears! Also, their children are just adorable.
But then, I had an idea...Oh Oh....
I thought, why don't a bride and groom hire a videographer to film themselves in a similar manner. Share quirky details about themselves,why they love each other,pet peeves about each other,how they met,with costume changes and various locations and send it out as a wedding invitation. All with a great soundtrack! They could provide all the details about the wedding in the video. Send the guests a video link via email. How cool, fun, and eco friendly would that be!
Do you like this idea? I have them all the time you know.....ideas I mean.