I've Been Interviewed!

I've been interviewed! Not by some fancy smancy magazine, but by my teen-aged son....which in my opinion is even better! Although, if some fancy smancy magazine wanted to interview me I wouldn't turn them away ; )
He had to interview an artist for one of his classes to help him design a piece of art that represented himself; and he chose me...just imagine. I was incredibly honored actually. What follows is the interview he conducted.

Sunlight floods in through our living room window as my mom sits down on the couch kitty corner to me and sets her feet up after a long day of work. Tired but happy, she is excited to be my artist interviewee. I have prepared a set of questions both to gain an understanding of floral design as an art and to help myself with the process of finding a way to illustrate my context visually. I have a general idea of how she will answer the first two questions, but after that, I am interested to see how she responds.

Q: To start, tell me a little bit about yourself.
A: Well, I have always been artistic, and have dabbled in creative pursuits from painting to poetry to dance and theater. I would consider myself a Renaissance woman.

Q: What made you decide to become a floral designer?
A: I decided to become a floral designer after being a massage therapist for over 20 years and my poor thumbs were taking a beating. I have always loved flowers and liked the idea of being able to create something that brings joy to people, no matter their circumstances, from birth to death and everything in between.

Q: How would you define art?
A: Art is subjective, and whatever gives a person pause to reflect is art. Art evokes a response and emotion.

Q: So if someone came up to you and said that floral design is not an art form, what would you say to them?
A: I would say that I disagree. Floral design is an art because you use form, texture, shape, scale and colour to create something out of the ordinary that evokes an emotion and a response.

Q: Where do you find inspiration when working on a floral piece?
A: Nature, photography, fashion design, interior design, and from other floral designers whose work I admire.

Q: What is your favourite floral piece to create and why?
A: My favourite floral piece to create is anything of a custom nature, in which I have to take into consideration the person, the place, the event, and the mood to create a work of art.

Q: If you could pick one flower that represents you, and that you identify with, what would it be and why?
A: An orchid, because it is exotic, beautiful, unique, graceful and flamboyant, but not too gaudy. Orchids have a classy elegance, a subtle beautiful scent, yet are amazingly hardy.

Q: Throughout history, we have seen the influence of society reflected in the art of the time. Do you think society today has influenced your approach to floral design?
A: Yes. Today there is a greater demand for green initiatives: flowers grown locally, and without the use of pesticides. There is the influence of modern and Japanese styles, with exotic flowers over generic roses and carnations.

Q: When you put together wedding bouquets for brides, are there certain things you look for in their personalities that you can translate into the bouquet?
A: Absolutely! Flowers are as unique as people, and people have certain characteristics and styles that can best be represented by certain flowers.

Q: Can you offer any advice for me to help create a piece of art that reflects my values, influences, and nature? How can I look into myself and create something that is synonymous to me?
A: I would say to write down the first five things that you think about when you think about yourself. I would tell you to write down the first five things that come to your mind when you think of your favourite colour. I would tell you to write down the first 5 things that come to your mind when you describe the thing you love to do best. I would ask your five favourite people to describe you in adjectives. Then I would pick from each category one description that resonates best with you and create your art based on those. Do not over think things!

There's the interview. My son got 97% on his art project and it's defense. That's my boy! The best boy in the whole world!