Floral Fashionista Friday Presents: Tissage Jewelry Inspiration

I love jewelry without a doubt. I love renaissance people without out a doubt. Those people who are so creative they can't contain themselves to one art form; they have to dabble in many creative pursuits because if they did not they would risk implosion! So, when I came across Tory over at Tissage...
I recognized a kindred spirit. I loved her jewelry instantly; a little bit bohemian , a little bit vintage a whole lot of glam chic!
I've put these earrings on my birthday wish list. Hello! They are purple!
I thought they would be so beautiful for the bride.
Also, so perfect for bridesmaids gifts.

I love this bracelet!
Are you bold?
Or dainty?

Not only does Tory make jewelry she makes hats too! So perfect for the vintage bride.
Perhaps, with these earrings...
...or this necklace.
I love the style of these earrings so perfect for a beach wedding.
Ooh la la! I just love Tissage! So perfect for brides, bridesmaids, weddings and just about anything. Affordable too.
Tissage is based out of Seattle. Tory loves custom work so don't be afraid to contact her with your request. Check out her shop there are so many beautiful pieces there. I personally can't wait for my birthday and those purple earrings!

Floral Fashionista Fridays Presents: It's a Wrap! Part 1

This week on Floral Fashionista Fridays we are featuring the work of Elena fromTickled Pink Knits. She is a fabulous artisan based out of New York and we think her "Victoriana Scarflette" is divine!
It is still cold here in Victoria, B.C. and our poor spring bride's are suffering with the cold and rain. What better way to stay warm than to wrap your decolletage in this fabulous scarflette made form luxurious knit wool and bamboo!

It comes in 20 custom colours!

The Rococo Shawl comes in 18 custom colours and would be great for the bride or her bridesmaids.Don't they look snuggly and warm?
Chocolate brown a perennial favourite.
Bold tangerine.We love it!
Elena at Tickled Pink Knits favourite materials to work with are merino wool,alpaca wool,cotton and cashmere. We think these would make wonderful bridesmaids gifts to tie in with the colour of their dresses and your wedding decor. They also add a wonderful textural element to wedding photographs.
Last but not least, we wanted to share with you part of Elena's creative philosophy because it is so similar to our own and is part of why we love her so!

"Do what you love and be confident that you will find an appreciative audience. Be original, be bold. Work hard. Stay positive. Provide unwaveringly excellent service to your current and potential customers. Support the work of others."

Drop in next Friday when we present Part 2 of It's a Wrap! Please view our earlier posts and enter our MOTHER'S DAY GIVE AWAY CONTEST 2009 featured here on our blog.
It's a Wrap!