Floral Fashionista Fridays: Natural Bridals

In keeping with our earth friendly theme this week we are featuring Natural Bridals. A new line of eco-friendly designer wedding gowns and accessories designed by Morgan Boszilkov. Morgan is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but works with brides from around the world. These dresses are handcrafted with love in the United States, and 5% of profits are donated to environmental causes. Morgan uses sustainable fabrics and strives to apply green and socially responsible principles to all aspects of her business. Her designs are elegant, beautiful, luxurious and Green!
Some of these dresses have been designed with detachable bottom skirts! This is a great option for a bride who wants something a little different at her reception, or plans to wear the dress again in its shorter form. A multi-purposed dress! We Love it!
Some of the fabrics Morgan uses in her designs are Peace Silk, Bamboo, Organic Cotton, Organic Linen, and Hemp. I have a particular fondness for all these fabrics.Luxurious but practical.

This one is my favorite for it's simple elegance and almost Grecian styling. The neckline, empire waist and soft draping of the fabric is so flattering.
You also got to love the back. Beautiful, elegant and sexy!
Natural Bridals eco-friendly bridal wear for the eco -friendly bride! Maybe we could encourage Morgan to create a line of eco-friendly bridesmaids dresses too. Then you could have one stop shopping!