Decor Idea PomLove!

So, it's true I'm not a big fan of paper decorations. Streamers, paper bells and doves just don't make me happy....too 70's. But then I came across these poms from PomLove and I said, "Wow! Modern,Chic, somewhat DIY....." my brain exploded with the creative possibilities, "....Must tell the world! " I gasped to myself.
I think these would be fabulous hanging from a reception venue ceiling in bridal theme colours or from trees in a garden wedding. I love the shades of green above... lovely for a spring wedding in green and white! The lead time on ordering these is three weeks so order early.They are shipped from Oregon flat and you make them into the poms yourself.They are precut with instructions and hanging filament. If you are a DIY bride this will make it so much easier.
Look at all the colours and more coming soon!

I now have me some serious PomLove !!