The Never, Never List for Choosing Bridesmaids

Every now and then a bride shares that she is having difficulties with one of her bridesmaids.This just breaks my heart. On a day that is going to be one of the most important days of your life it is really important to choose the right people to be your bridesmaids. In my opinion a bride has enough to think about without having to worry if one of her bridesmaids is going to act up,ruin the special day, or leave her in the lurch at the last moment.So with that in mind here is the Never, Never List:
  • Never, Never choose a bridesmaid who has kissed one of you boyfriends and I'm not talking on the cheek. Even if it was in grade 10 and she was drunk on cheap wine! This friend is the "competitor". She will always compete with you over everything regardless of what it entails. A bridesmaid like this does not have your best interests at heart.
  • Never, Never choose a bridesmaid who when you tell her you have just gotten engaged makes comments like these, "I can't believe you are getting married before me." "I can't believe you are marrying him.""I can't believe you are having your wedding there.""I can't believe you're going to wear that." or any such similar statement. This friend is the "under miner".A bridesmaid like this is jealous of you and will always try to find a way to subtly put you down.
  • Never, Never choose a bridesmaid who does not have similar taste to you. This friend is the "complainer". She will complain about the dresses, the cost of the dress, the colour scheme and anything else she can find to complain about.
  • Never,Never choose a bridesmaid who is an excessive flirt.This friend is the "flirt" and will flirt with every male within proximity because she feels weddings are a good place to find a date. She most likely means well, but will not be thinking about how she can best serve the bride. Instead, she'll be wondering if "Cousin Jim" is single and will follow him around the dance floor relentlessly until he notices her, or she finally realizes he's married. Where will she be when you need help with all those yards of bridal silk and the loo is calling!
  • Never, Never choose a bridesmaid who can't handle her liquor. This friend is the "party girl" and while she'll be fun to have at your bachelorette party. It can really ruin an elegant affair to have one of your bridesmaids get sick on the dance floor or on those yards and yards of bridal silk I mentioned earlier.
  • Never,Never choose a bridesmaid who has had an affair with a married man. I'm not even going to explain this one but you've been forewarned!
This is the Never, Never list and could easily be applied to choosing a groomsman just substitute the feminine words with the masculine. I realize this post may come across a little harsh and unforgiving but If I can save just one bride from regret, embarrassment or heartbreak on her wedding day my job has been done.