Don't Eat The Eggs!

Almond Blossom

My mother was an elementary school teacher; she was always finding things to take to show her students. One day a robin's nest blew out of a tree, and in it three beautiful, blue eggs. She placed the nest on top of the garbage can next to her car, of course, she was planning to show her class the wondrous find. I must have been two when I toddled out and came upon the nest. I had recently been introduced to jelly beans......yup. a true story :)

Somtimes it's all in the Details!

I came across this real wedding this morning on Style Me Pretty 's Blog. It you have not checked out this blog. I seriously recommend it for wedding inspiration. This is the real wedding of Kelly and Chris as photographed by Erin Heart's Court .You can see all the fabulous photographs from this wedding on their blog.The flowers were done by La Partie Events.
I love all the little attention to details that this couple provided for their wedding. I think the photographs illustrate so well how important it is to tie all the details together to provide a cohesive theme to a wedding. All the details shown here are very manageable for any budget.

Look at the texture of the floral pieces. Texture in floral pieces is so important for your photography to look interesting. Inexpensive blooms with massed textural features can provide just as much eye candy as centerpieces dripping in orchids and crystals.
The wedding took place in a lemon/orange grove (I'm not sure which) ; but as you can see, the bridal couple took their inspiration from this one fact and built their theme around it. The bridesmaids wore different bright yellow dresses and the groomsmen wore black and grey. This is such a great color pairing. It just uplifts the spirits doesn't it ? You must really check out all the photos to see the complete loveliness.
Rose petals in patterns are just as effective as blankets of roses. In fact, in my opinion, more effective as it creates that lovely texture and visual interest that I am so fond of!
This is the cutest idea I have ever seen! A great replacement for the confetti toss. The cones contain mini wool pom poms in yellow and white. Soft when thrown, colorful and funky. I love, love this idea. I can just imagine all the children at the wedding scampering around to collect them all up .... seeing who has collected the most pom poms!

Succulent wedding favors and table seating combined. So clever.
Sweet little labels.
Favor bags to tie it all in.
Thematic candy bar and cupcakes. See how it all comes together?
The photos from this wedding bring me such joy......right down to their....

shoes and those socks aren't bad either!

A Step Outside the Box

Designed for the bride instead of a traditional bouquet. I just love it!

The Mother's of the Bride and Groom wore matching wristlets.

The flower girl carried this basket and wore white angel can see a bit of the feathers I added under the hydrangea.

Here is one of the centerpieces. Every table had a different centerpiece all variations of the same theme.
I love it when a bride just allows me to create and trusts me enough to step outside of the box. Weddings do not always have to be "matchy, matchy." As long as a basic colour theme or style is followed a wedding can have a cohesive look while bringing visual interest and dynamics to the event. Do not be afraid to mix it up a bit.
"The further from the path.....the prettier the flower."
~ Little Red Riding Hood ~