PUBLISHED: Steampunk Photo Shoot

Our steampunk photo shoot was published and I am just posting it now....(I know, I know, you can give me heck later).  You can view more images over at

Borrowed and Bleu 

where it was also one of the top ten blog posts for their 2012 year!

A close up detail shot of the bouquet which was created in a copper and pearl nest, with lace ruffle, purple velvet ribbon wrap, and stamped vintage keys.

I tried to incorporate a lot of steampunk details into my floral creations for this shoot which took place on the hottest day in May of 2012. It was absolutely sweltering and our poor models didn't complain once. Not once. I was trying to keep everyone hydrated including the flowers, but I was the only one who suffered from heat stroke that day! I didn't know you could drink too much water and flush all the electrolytes out of your system!!

 I incorporated copper, gears, keys, clocks, and peacock feathers into the designs. This is a little chapeau  I made for the bride.

Tuktu Paper Co. 

Provided all the lovely paper works.

Beauty Bride

Styled the shoot with vintage decor.

Ooh La La Cupcakes

Created this incredible cake.

 I created this garland on the vintage typewriter. I can't even begin to tell you how heavy this typewriter was...I could hardly lift it! It must have been seventy pounds!

 This I can say with complete surety is my most favourite boutonniere I have EVER created.

Deanna McCollum Photography

Last but not least our amazing, tireless photographer who captured all of these incredible images and who made this shoot possible for all of us.

Merridale Estate Cidery

The beautiful venue.

 A close up detail of the bouquet with keys, gears, a tiny bird cage and copper details. I really love purple with chartreuse. All of the iris were from the Bella Fiore gardens.

I would like to thank everyone who worked on this shoot what an experience! I now know how to prevent heat exhaustion ;)

Let your Light Shine! Tune Tuesday Music Inspiration

I love this guy.Why? For one, he sounds like James Taylor. Two, he is unafraid to let his light shine.What do I mean by this? Well, he's just a guy who liked this girl with beautiful eyes and wrote this song.He posted it on line for the world to see and comment on.This is Brave.It doesn't hurt that the song is pretty good and the guys' voice has some sweet tone!
The song got me to thinking though, about how we let fear stop us from doing the things that we really love, from self promoting, from letting our light shine! What do we fear? That people won't like us or our work? That we will be judged? That we will fail? What are you afraid of?
Each of us is made up of so many incredible parts that make us truly good at what we do.What are you good at?
I have done many amazing things in my life; I plan to do MANY more!! What have you done that is amazing? Every now and then I write a list 'cause sometimes I forget. I bet you forget sometimes too. I think it's important to remember our greatness; to "embrace the fear and do it anyway." This song, for some reason made me think about all of these things.
Here are a few amazing things I have done:
  • I have ridden on the back of an elephant up the side of mountain in India to see a sacred Tantric Temple only to have my eyes covered by my mother because the statues carved in stone were too explicit ! I remember it to this day. I was only ten.
  • I breathed life into a newborn puppy!I was ten.
  • I won a dance scholarship and received my first one dozen red roses tied with satin ribbon.I was 17.
  • I swung from a Trapeze and did not fall! I was 19.
  • I graduated from Theater school despite my mother wanting me to be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher.
  • I danced in a music video or two. I was 20.
  • I planted forests of trees which are still standing today. I was 22.
  • I delivered a baby all by myself! Someone else's baby! I was 22.
  • I hitch hiked across Canada with only a tent and sleeping bag and survived to tell the tale!
There are many more amazing things I have done all of them have helped shape what I am to day....One Rock Star Floral Designer! All of the amazing things I have done required me to "embrace my fear and do it anyway" To let my light shine.
I realize this post has very little to do with weddings....except this song would make a great wedding song!
I hope you let your light shine today and everyday...'cause really you rock!