The Art of Holding Your Bridal Bouquet

I bet you didn't know there is an art to carrying your bridal bouquet. Well there is! I have had this pet peeve for a while now and am going to address it in this post. I look at a lot of wedding photos and it really disturbs me when I see a bride carrying her bouquet too high; usually she is carrying it under her chin somewhere and her elbows are tucked tightly into her sides like she's clutching something precious to her chest. While your wedding bouquet is precious it's not Frodo's ring!
Your wedding bouquet is an accessory like a nice pair of earrings, funky handbag or fabulous pair of shoes. It has been designed to compliment your wedding dress, your build, your colouring as well as fit into your wedding scheme. If you hold your bouquet too high it covers all the beautiful details and embellishments on the bodice of your dress. You know, those details you fretted about in the dress shop.....seed pearls or crystals, cap sleeves or strapless? What about that heirloom necklace your grandmother gave you to wear on your special day? What about that debate you had with your mother regarding showing your cleavage or know..... the conversation you won to wear that plunging V neckline ? Forget about it because you won't see any of it if you hold your bouquet too high! Your poor groom when looking back at your wedding photos will sorely miss those cleavage shots that photographers so love to take! Sigh.Poor guy, I feel for him. Honest I do.
So, how do you hold your bouquet then? Hold your bouquet at your waist so that you elbows can touch the sides of your waist and then take your elbows out slightly so they are no longer touching your sides but have a nice curve in them. See above picture. Tilt the bouquet slightly forward so that the stems are pointing towards your stomach. The reason it is important to lift your elbows away from your sides is that it is flattering to your arms. It gives your arms tone.When your arms are mashed against your sides it makes them look large....even thin arms look larger when pressed tightly against your sides. Trust me it's true. Try it in the mirror. Tilting the bouquet slightly forward insures the bouquet can be seen by everyone including the photographer. A bouquet adds beauty,colour and gives lovely texture to photographs. Keep your bouquet with you for photographs; it is an important bridal accessory that you have put a lot of thought into. It is sad when you have put a lot of thought into your floral pieces for your wedding day and they are not represented well in your photographs. Not all photographers are details orientated. Ask your photographer to get some nice shots of your bridal party and close ups of their floral pieces, including your centerpieces, altar and cake flowers. You'll be happy you did. There are many details to think about when planning a wedding but thank goodness you now know how to hold your bouquet!