Peaches and Cream

There I was in the grocery store, and there they were, lovely, luscious peaches. I had just spent the morning trying to help a bridesmaid pin and tuck herself into her dress. Technically, I was delivering the bridal flowers to the bride, but ever the helpful floral designer I was asked to help in this tricky endeavor. The bridesmaid had recently become pregnant, and well, things weren't fitting like they were supposed to....which got us to complaining about the bigger questions in life. Like why do sundress designers design with spaghetti straps, and these tiny little triangle bodices? Who could possibly fit into these things?

Later, I posted this very same question on


This is where parallels were drawn and comparisons to fruit ensued. I take absolutely no responsibility for this occurrence. I will just say that someone mentioned peaches ....which brings me back to the peaches at the grocery store...

I was thinking peaches as a summer wedding theme would be so lovely. If you added touches of cream, lace, rustic wood tables....wouldn't it be be divine? Of course, you would NEVER put your girls in bridesmaids dresses with spaghetti straps ,or tiny little triangle bodices because that is just cruelty to peaches and will cause a riot.