Sunday at the Pattiserie


On Sundays one should:
  • dress like they are in Paris
  • or at least smell like they are Parisian
  • or maybe eat a croissant
  • this whole one bite thing is ridiculous
  • so is taking only two bites
  • eat the whole croissant
  • it's Sunday
  • pretend you are in Paris
  • eat lunch at the Patisserie
  • Say qui
  • It's O.K. if you say non
  • but don't hurt frogs
  • that's bad karma
  • even for the Parisian
  • Play Edith Piaf
  • drink coffee from a bowl
  • but not like a dog
  • that is not Parisian
  • on Sundays one should
  • pretend they are in
  • Paris