Lavender= Heaven

The Sweetest of Days

Today, I was on a big clean in the studio. It was getting a little disorderly in there with all the weddings, boxes of vases, spools of ribbon, bits of this and that willy nilly everywhere. Serious disarray,enough to drive this order loving Virgo nuts. Nuts, I tell you! I still have one box of vases to clean. Sigh.
This is not what I wanted to write about though, oh no, I wanted to write about lavender; that beautiful purple fragrant flower. I have it everywhere. I love it because it's purple. I love it because every time I walk by a bunch I get a big whiff of it's fragrance.I love it because you can cook with it. Oh yes, I cook with lavender, organic lavender. Lavender scones and tea. Yes, please! Lavender raspberry jam. You'll never taste anything better. Herbs de Provence? Nothing without lavender.
So today, when I was on this big cleaning spree I put some in a pot of water on the stove and simmered it slowly. Yes, my friends heaven. Nothing like a lavender infusion to clean the air and brain. Lavender is a wonder flower. Good for so many things. I make a lovely lavender lotion, soaps and candles too. Yes, I put them in floral arrangements, but really the best thing about lavender is it smells like heaven.