Tune Tuesday: Music Inspiration

I love it when I come upon music or an artist I have never heard before. I especially love the use of acoustic guitars and the artistry of singer songwriters. I accidentally discovered this artist when watching a wedding video. I LOVE this song! It is perfect for a wedding. To walk down the aisle. For the groom to sing and play for his bride to be ( you know how I love boys with guitars right?)
I know my son's going to love this song too and learn to play it on the guitar to woo some girl with.... young love :)
This is not the official video. I could not find it. I hope you like the song. I think it's beautiful. I will get a sneak peek up soon of my latest wedding. Please be patient...it is crazy busy wedding season! XO Sarina P.S. I am off to find the CD of this artist.