Canada Rocks! Rockin' the Red and White Floral Details

I'm proud to be Canadian. Technically, I am not supposed to be working today, but I received an eye opening call this morning. A client from California phoned to place a custom order( thinking it was my bride for this weekend) I picked up. I was trying to explain to this client that it was Canada Day and that I would not be doing any deliveries today. When she said,"I'm sorry, I don't know what that is." I had to pause. "Well, it's a National holiday much like your 4th of July." I replied. Ever the professional, I took her order and thanked her and told her I would be able to deliver tomorrow. She was fine with that. I was, however, considerably surprised that she did not know what Canada Day was and hence, I am posting this blog of red and white floral details to show our true colours! We love our American friends and just wanted to inform you about Canada Day where just as many firework displays take place as the 4th of July!
Where Canadian brides love red and white floral details.

The men do too....and they also like Canadian Beer and hockey on Saturday nights.
Canada we Love you!!
Please enjoy this musical interlude while reading our blog.
I love Canada so much I posted the musical interlude twice! OOPS!