I Love Fall Weddings

Time to get you thinking about Fall weddings. I love Autumn weddings. I love how it is still sunny but the air has a crisp,cool feel to it.I love how my apple trees bare so much fruit I have to knock on all my neighbor's doors begging them to take some. We eat a lot of apple crisp in the fall and my daughter makes apple sauce in old spaghetti sauce jars with handmade labels. The trees are dressed in their coats of many colors and every flower shop has bunches and bunches of dahlia. I always search for the largest showiest bloom to display. My birthday falls in Autumn and I always manage to draw out the celebrations for at least two weeks; all though, I always try to push it for a month. No one buys into it though. Sigh.Maybe this year!
I love the colors available to us in Autumn. The oranges, golds and burgundies. Just yummy.
Kim Kalyn Photography took the professional shots and yours truly took the floral detail shots.
For this wedding that took place last fall I made altar pieces in giant pumpkins. They were so heavy! There is nothing I love more than pumpkin patches! That's not entirely true. I love my kids, lavender fields,wildflower meadows, weddings, babies of all kinds, dancing barefoot, good music and certain kinds of cheesecake! But I do love pumpkin patches a lot! This is not a personal ad because I have not mentioned long walks on the beach!!!
Another thing I love about Autumn is the color hydrangea turns and all the different grasses and cat tails that become available to floral designers.
I love those almost black dahlia and black baccarra roses. So rich and deep.
Here's a box of all those apples I was talking about. Look at the fabulous physallis (Chinese lanterns) in this bouquet....another item I love that comes available in fall. If you are planning a fall wedding, book a complimentary consultation with us soon. We still have a few dates available for September and October but they are going, going, gone! If you book with us you'll probably get a wedding present of some gift wrapped apples! Please. Please take them.I'll even give you my top secret apple crisp recipe to impress your groom with! I love Fall weddings!