Meredith and Rob

Meredith and Rob got married on what turned out to be a rainy day. I remember this wedding well because it was my birthday! I love this shot!
The flowers were all about the bold colours of chartreuse, purple, lilac and fuchsia. I used varying shade of dahlia and orchids. This is Rob's boutonniere.
The flowers are ready to be delivered!
Meredith and Rob were married at the Chief and Petty Officers Mess right on the ocean, as I was setting up this ship was just outside the window!
My son who was helping me set the wedding up swears he took this photo but I know better (hee!). I love this shot of the view through the windows of the venue.
All the photos labeled Bella Photography were taken by the professional photographer and we thank her for use of her images. The other photos were taken by myself. I left them unlabeled as to not confuse as the photographers business name closely resembles mine :)
Meredith and Rob had this cake topper made in their likeness. It really looked like them!
Cutting the cake. The cake was made by their friend who had never made a wedding cake before!! Amazing!
Here is a closeup detail I took of the cake flowers I placed on the cake.
Tied to the ends of the chairs bunches of colourful dahlia.
Each table at the reception was labeled with a song title. The bride had made blackberry jam as a wedding favour. Also, Rob is a dentist and Meredith is a dental hygienist so they provided their guests with toothbrushes!!
The night effect of the simple centerpieces I made with floating Dahlia, river rocks and floating candles.
The whole beautiful group.
Aaaah, love. Congratulations to Meredith and Rob, thank-you so much for letting me participate in your very special day!

Spring into Purple, Fall into Love

Goodbye Winter

Spring is here. Yay! I can see daffodils, tulips and crocus from my studio window. I have planted an abundance of wildflower seeds and cannot wait until they come up. This has all been done in an effort to attract hummingbirds and butterflies; two of my favourite things. Nothing makes me more happy than having a hummingbird or butterlfy visitation while I work.
Another one of my favourite things is the colour purple. Look at this website; it's no secret :) Look at this dress. I LOVE. Dramatic flowers in the up do. I LOVE. Blueberries. I LOVE.
So spring into purple. So fall into love. Then come see me about those flowers.

Ummmm....I LOVE Purple!

Modern Magenta and Gray

You may not know this about me, but I LOVE purple! Magenta, fuchsia, mauve, lilac plum, wine call it what you will.....I love it all! It is still a fresh, hot colour and sexy, yes, very sexy! I really love the pairing of purple and gray. I think gray is tres cool for the boys when paired with purple. Boys don't always have to be in black. Nope. I am waiting for a hipster groom who wears a purple velvet suit.....don't laugh....I really am.....I will do a happy dance when he shows up!