Cake Inspiration

I was wondering if Bride's thought about their wedding cake as an extension of their style? Quite often when I talk to brides they have not thought about their wedding cake in very much detail. When I think of the wedding ceremony and focal areas that absolutely need substantial floral pieces I always think of the front altar or where the ceremony is taking place. I absolutely cringe inside when a bride says she is forgoing altar flowers. Sorry, but I do. I almost always try to convince them otherwise. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they do not. The reason why altar flowers are so important is that it frames the ceremony. It creates the focal point for all the guests at the wedding to look at while they are seated. Also, and most importantly it frames the wedding ceremony photographs. I understand there is a recession going on and that not all brides have big wedding budgets; but I would even go so far as to suggest cutting the flowers from somewhere else to avoid forgoing altar pieces. The good thing about altar pieces is that they can be reused at your wedding reception in so many ways. But this post is not about altar flowers; it's about wedding cakes!
I view the wedding cake like I do the altar flowers. Quite often it is one of the first places your guests look after they have entered the reception site and oohed and awed over the centerpieces and decor. Not to mention the huge photo opportunity the cake cutting ceremony actually is. I also like cupcakes. I like anything that extends the bridal couple's personality. An artful cake is one way to extend your style no matter what that style may be.
These fabulous cakes were made by Allyson Meredith Cakes from Toronto. A very fine cake artist in my estimation! I think they illustrate the very many different styles and ways you can express your personality at your reception and like altar flowers should not be brushed off as dispensable.
A little pink and green whimsy.
Perfect for an orchard, vineyard or fall wedding. Understated elegance.
Patterns on your cake can mirror a pattern else where in your wedding....linens,lace, dress or china.
Look at the gold damask pattern on this one. Ooh la la!
Did you know I love cherry blossoms but they make me sneeze!
So many different styles of cakes, so many different kinds of brides. Please have a look at all the different styles of cakes on Allyson Meredith's site you are sure to be inspired to think about cakes in a different way.
Your wedding ceremony may only last half an hour and your cake cutting ceremony 10 minutes but the memories you will have through the photographs will last forever. Make your memories beautiful and rethink cutting those altar flowers from your budget! Oh yeah, this post is supposed to be about wedding cakes......