Fall-ing in Love

I love fall and everything that goes with it; sunny crisp days and toffee mocha lattes. There is wood smoke in the air and the leaves put on their multi-coloured coats. The colours are rich and warm. I love adding a little bold accent like chartreuse; it just makes all the other colours pop. The use of unexpected votive holders fashioned from Granny Smith apples brings an added dimension to a table setting. Incorporating fruit into Autumn weddings works so well; try apples, mini pumpkins,eggplant,dark grapes and cranberries.
One of the things I always worry about in Summer weddings is will the boys be too hot in their suits? In an Autumn wedding I wonder if the girls will be warm enough! To me fall is the perfect time to introduce wonderful shawls and caplets to the bridal attire. I do love a beautiful caplet!
So put another log on the fire, pour some nice wine,snuggle up to your sweetheart, and start fall-ing in love. When you are ready to plan your wedding come see me...I'll get the toffee mocha lattes!