In the Orchard

An Orchard Wedding

I adore orchards of all types with a passion. There is something magical about them I swear.When I was a child my elementary school bordered a huge apple orchard that had mile high grass. We would make forts in the grass, each of us with our own fort. We would lug boxes, crates and treasures from home to make it more homey. Hours and hours were spent here with my friends. We found tree frogs,crickets and gardener snakes.Riding our bikes to the corner store to buy penny candy and soda; we would stay until dinner time. As we got older, some experienced their first kisses in these same forts. I think orchards are romantic; they conjure up memories of hot summer nights and juicy fruits. The fruit from orchards make lovely favours and details for a wedding or celebratory event. Some days, I long to be down in the orchard. Happy Solstice!