"All You Need is Love"


Well, it's Monday and my day started with a flooded basement. Sigh. I was supposed to be a mentor to someone today. I was looking forward to it. I was rocking the Einstein hair and feeling very wise.Then voila, the plans changed. This happens sometimes. There is nothing I can do about it, but rock the mop in gumboots; call the plumber, and pray he wears pants that cover his whole bottom.
Sometimes these unforseen events happen in weddings too. No use fretting or getting angry; sometimes bad things happen to good people. What is important and always will be is that LOVE is present. That LOVE is being celebrated. That LOVE rocks your world. Your groomsman breaking a vase....not so important. My plumbing problem will be fixed eventually.
The Beatles really do say it the best, "All you need is love."
Now, I must get back to rocking it out with my broom and feeling the LOVE ;)