Floral Fashionista Fridays Presents:Threadhead Creations

Threadhead Creations is a custom wedding dress designer based out of Knoxville; but don't let that discourage you my Canadian Brides.Threadhead ships worldwide and is so affordable, even with the prices listed in U.S. currency! Trust me, check out her shop you will be pleasantly surprised.
The reason I chose to feature these stunning dresses besides being so incredibly artful and unique is that they are created with organic fabrics. I love the idea of wearing something so beautiful on your wedding day, that was created by hand with obvious love, using sustainable fabrics .It just makes sense to me. Look at that dress! Have you ever seen a dress so unique that you actually would want to wear? This dress reminds me of my post "Cherry Blossom Fairytale". I love how the two trees reach for each other and the branches crisscross. Two lives become one....sigh...I am a hopeless romantic.
Look at all the colors of sashes you can have to match your color scheme.

The landscape panel is handcrafted and appliqued using many lovely colors of hemp/silk charmeuse. Over forty blossoms accent the intertwined tree limbs.
Hemp and silk combine in this fabric to give a lovely sheen and wonderful drape. This hemp is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers and blended with wild peace silk (cocoons are harvested only after the moths have emerged). 60% hemp, 40% silk. Fully lined in 100% silk. This dress is fabulous for a spring wedding.
I love the simplicity of this one and think it could easily fit into a retro-styled wedding.
This one is completely West coast.Perfect for a Vancouver Island wedding! The couple on the path are completely customizable as are the colors and sashes. It is artful.So artful.
Here is your classic, elegant dress with lace up detailing. I know you brides love that! This dress just looks like it would be flattering on any figure.

This is my favorite. I LOVE IT! I love the empire waist. The drape of the chapel train and how it pools on the floor.The tie back sash that I seriously want to create a romantic rose piece for and it's completely understated elegance! LOVE. I can visualize a whole wedding for this dress. My dream would be for a bride to bring me this dress and say, "This is my dress. Go to town. Money is no object." First, I would say," Are you related to Oprah? " Then, I would say, "Preston Bailey
move on over!"
A girl can dream can't she!!
Thank-you to Threadhead Creations for giving me my inspiration for this Friday.