May Long Weekend Floral Details: Sneak Peek

Here are some of the floral details of the wedding I did this May long weekend. They had beautiful weather and the bride was beautiful inside and out. I can't wait to see the professional photos, but in the meantime you will just have to make due with mine!
I met with the bride, her mom and sister last May they wanted a real fresh spring like wedding. The bride really liked the pairing of white and chartreuse green with garden like elements and a loose bouquet style. The Mother of the Bride loves lily of the valley and wanted to incorporate some into the floral details.
This is the bride's bouquet. I used parrot tulips with a ruffly edge for added texture and added a little bling into the stephanotis to pick up some sparkle in the bride's dress.
This is the groom's boutonniere. I like to use flowers from the bride's bouquet for the groom but feared the tulips would not withstand the beating boutonnieres can take, so I substituted the chartreuse button mums.
These are the groomsmen boutonnieres.I made sixteen total boutonnieres and corsages for this wedding in an hour! Hmm...a world record me thinks. I was seeing a little cross eyed by the last one but I think they turned out simply beautiful and elegant with just a touch of whimsy; just like my beautiful bride!
The Corsages.
This one just for the Mother of the Bride because of her love for lily of the valley.The studio smelled fabulous with the mix of lily of the valley and stephanotis. Floral aromatherapy heaven!
Simple centerpieces with bear grass swirls, parrot tulips and chartreuse spider mums.
I also did centerpieces in tall fluted vases with just the tulips to provide visual interest in the room. The venue has a very high ceiling and open glass windows to the ocean; very bright and airy. I think the room called for some height with the centerpieces.
The bride brought to the initial consultation a tear out from a bridal magazine which contained candelabras covered in grass and hanging amaranthus. She loved the organic green quality of them and wanted to know if I could recreate them? What did I say? But of course!
The altar flowers. Sometimes you don't need big flashy altar pieces; in this case I think these fit the bride's style beautifully.
I hope the bride and groom have a wonderful honeymoon in Maui. I'm so jealous with all the awful rain we have had today...I was so loving the sunshine on their wedding day....come back sun....pretty please.