Jewelry to Inspire

It is very rare that I see something that makes my heart skip a beat due to it's incredible beauty, but this custom made jewelry by Wearable by Design did just that. It is so incredibly stunning, creative and evocative.It goes beyond typical jewelry and becomes an art piece, a family heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. This jewelry is designed by Jennifer Smith-Righter from Redwood City, California.She designs in silver and semi-precious gems often inspired by nature or mechanical objects.Quite often each individual component of a piece is made by hand to create the whole.She sometimes uses old world techniques like the lost wax process. To me these pieces are incredible pieces of art at an affordable price for custom jewelry. I absolutely love them and hope you do to. Please check out her shop.
First, let me say I am not a huge fan of costume jewelry and especially not on your wedding day.I really feel that a bride should invest in a piece that she is going to love,that she is going to wear and remember her wedding day and how beautiful she felt, that she will pass down to her sons and daughters and that they will pass on and so on. I realize not everyone can afford custom jewelry but even a pair of earrings or bracelet that is an heirloom can create the same effect.I really feel that it would be so special to have your groom, mother or father present you with something so lovely as a custom piece of jewelry for your wedding day to wear at your wedding.I think this tradition is lost and is replaced with gift certificates,toasters and cappuccino makers.
How lovely are these earrings for a bride? Completely customizable with different beads.
This necklace is called "Scarlett Ophelia" and it actually made me swoon.I seriously want to change my name to" Scarlett Ophelia"or at least start up an all girl band called this....but I digress! Is it not beautiful! I love it!

This piece has such a vintage feel to it.
The Oak Leaf necklace.Each leaf is individually made so no two are alike.
Are you swooning yet?

Save the bees!

How dainty and delicate; perfect for the not so flashy bride or bridesmaid.
Please reconsider your wedding jewelry.Rhinestones, pearls, silver or gold ....just choose a piece you love. You are worth it!
Please check out Jennifer's shop Wearable by Design. I couldn't post everything even though I wanted to....her mechanical designs are works of art too!