Embracing the Art

Well, here I am in the 21st century and who knew I would have a blog? Who knew I would end up being a floral designer and having the honor of sharing in my clients most beautiful and precious moments from births to deaths and all that falls between? I am truly blessed.
Recently, a client emailed me the most wonderful compliment. She wrote, "Love of Beauty is Taste. The Creation of Beauty is Art."~Ralph Waldo Emerson~ and you most definitely are an artist Sarina!"
It's funny, I never considered myself an artist. I thought painters, sculptors, and musicians were artists. I was taken aback, ".... Thank-you.... but really, me an artist, no way!"
She assured me that, "Every time I order flowers from Bella Fiore my breath is taken away. I have to step back to admire the beauty, the play of color and texture. You always convey in flowers just what I am trying to say so perfectly. THIS IS ART ! So get over it.YOU ARE AN ARTIST!"
"Gosh, well, O.K. since you put it that way."
I've been thinking about those series of emails for a while ..... and have since decided to "EMBRACE THE ART" and this blog is all about me doing that...so here goes!